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Lace Vintage Dress for winter Dress-ups, made for under $20!

Lace Vintage Dress for winter Dress-ups, made for under $20!

A friend gave me this beautiful corded guipure lace in a lovely mink shade, I know that's the shade because i had a car once that was this colour and that's what they called it on the paperwork! Anyway I think that's a lovely name for mauve mixed with pink which is exactly what this is.

I'm sure someone will correct me if Im wrong but I think this is corded Alecon lace. 

I have been making so many lovely dresses lately but they have all been patterned so it time to make a plain colour one and this lace was just begging me to use it. I originally was going to make a skirt but realised there was way more fabric and certainly enough for a dress and some.

All I had to do was line it and although that sounded simple, it was hard to find lining material in the right shade, i wanted it to be sort of skin coloured but also with a cooler tone to compliment the dress. While material ping i stumbled across some white lining fabric and it was all of $3.00 a metre, how cheap can you get, so 3 metres later, a 14"zip and some matching cotton, I had only spent $18.60 

As you would know from a previous post, I used natural products to dye fabrics and to get the colour I wanted for the lining I boiled up 20 teabags and a few tablespoons of coffee and hey presto the right shade of cool beige. (See HERE for the post on how to do this.) Best yet it gave it an old vintage feel and look and could almost pass for a dress from the 1950s if it wasn't for the zip and over-locking!

I used my tried and trusted MCCalls pattern that I favour, substituting the wider straps for thinner ones and adding a bow in at the bust line.

and this was the finished result, so happy with my new dress and all for under $20.00, now to make a Tiki inspired one for a friends birthday party, I'm going to use the pattern Vogue 1242 for this .....cant wait.

Posted: Monday 26 May 2014

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