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Homemade soft toy for Korbyn

Homemade soft toy for Korbyn

I often make these interesting little critters for friends babies so of course i had to make one for my grand baby. There is no tutorial sorry as I pretty much wing it with these but Im going to give a rundown on the steps i did to create it. As you can imagine each one is unique so these steps are a general directive that will give you an idea on how to create your own

1) Find some interesting stretchy material that would make it either bright and colourful or uniquely different. I chose black and white stripe for this one as babies really relate to monocromatic things.

2) If you cant visualise the finished result, I suggest drawing up the outcome you would like using colour pencils so you can see what works for getting the right shapes and colour scheme. I went with red as the mai addition as my grandson loves that colour and i happened to have some red fur in my crafting gear so it was perfect.

3)Draw up a rough pattern for the body on some strong paper, to get it even if you wish it to be even fold it in half down the body lengthwise and cut out before unfolding. A really uniqe ugly toy wont be symetrical anyway so dont worry if it isnt perefect.

4) Pin to your material and cut out two pieces for front and back. For mine I had the head as part of it but cut out the ears seperately, the more you can have as one piece the easier it is to sew. Keep in mind that small areas like the neck etc shouldnt be too small as they will flop and you may also have issues with turning it out the right way and stuffing it.

5) For my toy I cut out circles of fabric for his eyes, felt works well for this both in that it doesnt fray and it is easy to sew. I machine stitched the middle circles onto one piece of the fabric before pinning each side together wrong sides in and sewing around the perimeter, leaving the inside of the legs open for stuffing. The ears were also added in at this stage, I stuffed them first and then pinned them inside so that when I turned the toy in the right way they were well stitched in. I also added in the red fur for the same reason. Because this is for a baby, I double stitched the seams to make sure it didnt fall apart too easy.

6) Stuffing time, I used a special polyfill stuffing so it is soft and light and easy to wash as im sure he will heading to the washing machine fairly often if Korbyn gets attached to him. I thrn hand stiched the opening closed being careful to sew it really well with double thread

7)This little dude has a cute tail of the red fur, I thought it was a fun touch and so far its been that funny surprise factor to everyone who has seen it!

8)I hand stitched the larger circles of the eyes down and added a nose with a red felt nose piece and stuffed the white piece before stitching it down.

9) The eyes were some funky buttons I found, a larger white one to make the eyes different sizes and two bright green ones for contrast to the red. I double stitched them on but will still keep an eye on them as things like that can be a choking hazard for babies. If they dont perform well Ill remove them and handstitch on some green felt.

9) Finally a shiny blue satin ribbon to finish him off, giving an extra colourway as well as another texture for bubs to feel. Most babies like satin. The ends still need to be sewen down so they dont fray but I really wanted to get him up on here for you all to see so they havent been done yet

Im so pleased with this little fulla I think I might make more, but oh so many other projects to complete first! I hope Korbyn likes him!

Posted: Sunday 15 June 2014

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