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And now a Baby Ball for Korbyn

And now a Baby Ball for Korbyn

Being able to make things is a bonus at times like this, as it means i can create speical things like toys for my beautiful grandson.

To make one yourself I have included a PDF pattern at the bottom of the page for you to print off and use. The pattern includes seam allowance.


  • Fabric scraps, 30cm x 10cm per segment (8 needed) plus extra for the end circles
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Stuffing
  • Bell (optional)

1) Pin and cut out 8 pieces of the ball segments. I chose to go with four of two different colours but you can go with two each of four colours if you want a different look. 

My ball is going to be aeroplanes and denim with pale blue circles on the ends.

2) Sew the segments with right sides together using a strong stitch, your pattern has a 5mm seam allowance. I used the triple stretch stitch on my machine and then did a zigzag stitch to stop it fraying. I could have used my overlocker but for those of you who dont have one I thought Id show how simple it is to do without one.

3) Join four pieces together and then the other four pieces together so they become haof balls then pin together right sides in.

4) Make sure you leave a 5cm hole at the end for turning in the right way and for stuffing.

6) I used a polyfibre stuffing so that it can be allergy free, light and easy to wash. In the middle of the stuffing, I added a tiny little bell so it can jingle when Korbyn plays with it.

7) Hand sew up the gap, using tiny stitches and double thread so its safe for your baby.

8) Cut out the end circles then hand stitch to gather around the edge as shown in the next photo. Just lightly pull the thread up and press with your iron so its easier to sew to the ball.

9) Pin the circles onto the ball covering the ends and then carefully hand sew down with small stitches and double thread taknig the ends underneath and cutting so they sit inside the ball

10) The finised ball, and Korbyn loves it already!


Ball_pattern.pdf (Size: 358.67 KB)

Posted: Tuesday 24 June 2014

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