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Vintage Suitcase Makeover

Vintage Suitcase Makeover

I found this lovely old case on a auction, it was quite battered and the lining was really ugly so I thought why not make it over.

Unfortunately i didn't take a before photo so you could see how different it is now so i will just have to describe it. The lining was a bit stained and had writing on it, it was a faded tartan print so I thought its new look should be more feminine as it was a little manly for me as is! The outside of the case was burgundy and beige squares, fine and subtle but battered and tired with fading in some areas and scuffs from its travels.

First up I relined the interior, I chose a pretty floral drawer liner, it was perfumed which helped with the feminine touch. My tip to you here is measure twice, cut once. It was simple to glue in and i used PVA to do this. You probably cant see in the photo but there are Velcro dots on the lid, these are there for the round mirror i often put in for when Im using the case as a mobile hair salon, it works well for this in that on a table top its the right height, its upright and the case holds all the hair bits and pieces i might need!

On the outside I decided to paint it one colour choosing the beige as it was more vintage styling, and leaving the edging and handle burgundy.

All that was missing was some sort of embellishment and i settled on a monogram of my initials, I downloaded a monogram app on my iphone and hey presto an instant design. All I had to do was paint it on my case. if you look closely you will also see i added little white spots around the box edging, these were to tie in the spots on the vintage tag I had found in a stationary , one side with spots, the other with the Eiffel tower, how quaint can you get! Anyway, i love my case, its very me and much prettier then when I first got it.

Here's the outside, as you can see its already got travel scars! -

and here's the interior -

Posted: Monday 7 July 2014

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