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The $4.00 Grey Swing Dress

The $4.00 Grey Swing Dress

A ping trip back in February that I blogged about saw a great haul of fabrics and patterns and this is the finished result using one of those pieces of fabric. The grey damask type fabric with swirly flowers is now an elegant retro vintage swing dress.

Again I used my favourite pattern but this time I did spaghetti straps on version D and added a tiny black bow at the bust. I liked the idea of keeping it simple as the design in the fabric was busy enough as it was! NOTE - A new fav pattern will be featuring soon. so watch this space1

To finish it off i did a decorative stitch to highlight the mid section at the top and the bottom which also acted as a top-stitch holding the seams in place nicely.

Finished off with a brought black belt, it goes well with a nice crop cardi and heels or ballet flats and being grey it can go with absolutely any colour, win win i say!

All this for $4.00, who could complain!

Posted: Monday 14 July 2014

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