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Crop Jacket Makeover

Crop Jacket Makeover

Knee deep in projects and nothing completed, how bad is that? I have several redos on the go including a cute little denim jacket I purchased nearly 5 years ago to redo when I had time. Pushed to the bottom of the pile I really didn't know what I was going to do with it!

This is how it originally looked, two toned navy blue with an interesting waistband, that's what attracted my attention.

First up I decided it needed to be black, my go to colour (hue) to go with everything. I do like navy but rarely wear it! So into the washing machine with salt and a packet of dye.

Next up I removed a section from above the waistband as I wanted it to accentuate the waist of my swing dresses and pencil skirts rather than sit unflatteringly on the hips. I measured it against my favourite crop cardi and found I needed to remove quite a bit more than I originally thought.

After rejoining the waistband to the jacket, the length was perfect and all it needed was an embellishment on the back to make it more rockabilly, this cute little skulls and roses embroidered decal I purchased from eBay fit the bill, I ironed it on and handsewed around the edges and voila, a brand new look and a fabulous little piece to add to my wardrobe that changed up the look from too pretty to just the perfect hint of grunge! Just how. I like it!

My main project however has been my next art exhibition, that's right, I'm painting again, it's very slow painful progress as my creative time is so minimum it's not funny. Lunch breaks at work is pretty much it and means most of my art is in watercolour these days , as the work lunchroom is almost a broom closet and often shared with several other staff, it doesn't leave much space for creating let alone leaving anything to dry safely! It works well for the theme however as I've given myself a massive task to complete, all of which will be revealed soon! I wish to get around 50% of the artworks completed before I reveal exactly what I'm doing, and as I'm looking at around 35% now! it's not far until then so watch this space.
Today I'm working on the mini write ups each artwork needs to have, working for Rotorua in a cafe it's the first time I have had in a while where I'm completely alone, no interruptions at all and it's total bliss. So while I'm at it, I thought I'd write up this blog post as I know I've been a bit slack with updates lately! Oh the joys of being time poor!

Posted: Wednesday 27 August 2014

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