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Powder Blue Dress, for summer days and nights

Powder Blue Dress, for summer days and nights

This summer I thought I'd make my dresses a little more detailed. This light powder blue cotton is very lightweight, almost a lawn and has a soft floral pattern etched in white across it so it was begging for a soft delicate design in the final dress design

I found this material at an op , it only cost me a few dollars , along with it I also found a handful of old lace, this also had pale blue running through it, kind of like the broderie anglaise with a ribbon threaded through it so perfect for the look I was hoping to achieve. I sewed this in strips down the front of the dress and over the shoulder straps and down the back, finishing at different levels. Initially I thought it would be easy finding matching ribbon but nooooo, there are so many different shades of powder blue! I settled on some ordinary ribbon but didn't like it at the end of the day, going back for the rather more pricey velvet ribbon but hey it was worth every cent!

The last piece was a soft chiffon drape across the bust, not because I want to add modesty, but because it worked with the concept of this dress, I added it on with a decorative stitch that blended fairly well with the floral print, all in all I'm really happy with the finished results.

And the best part it cost me les than $20 to make!

Posted: Monday 6 October 2014

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