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The Princes Gate Hotel, my Rotovegas retreat

The Princes Gate Hotel, my Rotovegas retreat

Its hard to get away when you only have one night where you both have the chance, but hubby and I managed it with a quick one nighter away in good old Rotorua or Rotovegas as we lovingly call it here in New Zealand. Its only a short trip away from where we live and I'm stunned we didn't know about the Princes Gate Boutique Hotel as we have stayed in Rotorua often!

This beautiful old Hotel was built in 1897 so she's been around for a while, you can read all about her history if you click on the link provided. Pretty much she was built originally in Waihi and moved piece by piece to Rotorua in 1917, but that's a whole new story.

Our stay was in a beautiful estate room on the second floor, we stopped in the bar for a quick drink before heading upstairs to our room and took many photos on the way, oohhing and ahhing every few steps at the gorgeous antiques, the décor and the artwork, hubby took a quick call on the phone, now check out that wallpaper and wood panelling!

We had a good look around and discovered a group of hot pools, the top being 35 - 40 degrees and a private pool that you could book, we love our hot pools so this was an added bonus as we didn't know about them at the time of booking. 

In that last photo you can see the beautiful chandelier, one of two in our room, that's me on the bed reading my Glory Days Magazine, the old key with its wooden tag, then a shot of me again with one of the china cabinets in the dining room where they hold High Teas (Not there long enough to partake sadly!) then a trip up the staircase to our room with its beautiful luxurious curtains, mirrors and lighting to die for!. The second to last photo is of the hot pools and then I couldn't resist one of the carpet, that's just sooooo pretty!

The staff were lovely, we had a great chat with the barman who brought us complimentary snacks with ours drinks and were given a quick tour around the Hotel, which was a nice touch. That's how we found the secret hot pools and the fabulous bucket chairs.

This one is a close up for Natasha and the team at Glory Days Magazine, I just subscribed and found it hard to put this magazine down!

I have to say one of my measures of a nice place to stay is the linen and The Princes Gate didn't fail on this count, definitely luxury high thread count and soft feather and down pillows with a divine comfortable mattress.

Apparently this delightful old place is haunted, but that's no surprise. unlike my experience at the Waitomo caves Hotel, the ghosts here didn't pay me a visit, although I hadn't researched it prior I woke up this morning very confident the ghost was a single female called Elisabeth a quick Google search revealed that the ghost that is supposed to haunt this place is a female and she appears to singe men only in room 29, the hotel only book married couples in this room so she doesn't appear any more they say! Just in case you were wondering, no we weren't in room 29! And I'll never know if her name is Elisabeth!

Part of our deal staying here included a cooked breakfast, which didn't fail to please either, the staff happily refilling our coffee cups and serving a delicious breakfast that started off the day in a lovely setting. On top of that a late check out, who could want for more? if in town on a Saturday they have shows in the dining hall, hopefully one day I can make it to one of those too!

So I'll end on a few more shots around the grand old Hotel, I highly recommend a visit and stay, I know we will be going back!

Posted: Monday 20 October 2014

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