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1950s style Newspaper Skirt with extras!

1950s style Newspaper Skirt with extras!

AI made a visit to Spotlight for some bits and pieces I needed and came across this bolt of fabric that looked like newspaper. I had recently seen an outfit made in this fabric and had thought id like that myself so I was certainly pleased to make this find, especially with a 40% off sale on fabrics that day! Sadly there was only 2.5 metres left on the roll and it was only 112cm wide, I brought it anyway as i knew i could at least make a skirt. i used one of my dress patterns for a full skirt and simply made up a waistband according to my waist measurement.

The fabric is a heavy weight cotton and hangs really nicely, it was a dream to sew and iron and i was able to use hemming tape to get a perfect paper like finish!

Now because i was kind of dreaming of a dress in this fabric I ended up making a faux bib for under cardigans using some of the fabric scraps, as you can see in the main photo its really deceptive and makes it look like Im wearing a dress, the best part is that when I want to wear it as a skirt i can too as its two seperate pieces. This is the bib part below, I added in little black buttons, gave it a v-neck and  added little flat buttons with elastic loops to hold it flat looped around bra straps for the finished look

But thats not all folks, I also made a hair comb bow as I really like them and this particular material will go with everything. Win win

The finished outfit. I have worn it once for a brief trip out to a coffee date and got several compliments on it. And hey if i get bored I can always read the articles on my skirt!

Posted: Saturday 15 November 2014

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