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Pink Plaid Swing Dress

Pink Plaid Swing Dress

At the beginning of the year I purchased this pink plaid material from an op shop, it only cost me $5 which is an amazing price considering there was 4.40 metres as those of you who sew would know, it's rare to get even a metre of material for that price!

It's taken me nearly a year to find the right project for this dress so when I found this pattern  Butterick 6049.
 I knew it was perfect for the pink plaid. An extra purchase of some white cotton to make the contrast collar (This cost me more then the plaid!) and I was ready to sew.
There were a few bits that didn't work out right, my sewing skills are not the best in this project, the collar needed taking in on the sides and the length and I had to cross the bust over as it was extremely low for the cleavage! I also found joining the pink to the white quite fiddle so probably wouldn't make this dress again, it was really difficult. I did find the fit in the waist and bust pretty good which was a bonus as I usually have to alter the pattern for my figure! I did however receive a few compliments when I wore it today which showed me, they were not that relevant or obvious, thank goodness!
From my photo you will see I teamed it with a white belt, I felt it needed something to break it, my belt is more a winter white so it didn't go that well and I found it annoying. So back to the sewing machine and I whipped up a bow belt with the rest of the white fabric. If you want to know how to make one of these belts I have a tutorial here
So here's the finished dress -

Posted: Monday 24 November 2014

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