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Christmas Dress time again!

Christmas Dress time again!


Every Christmas I try to create a new dress that has something to do with Christmas, but not so far as candy canes, santos or tinsel themed as I obviously wish to wear them more than once on Christmas Day!
This year I went with a green and white pinstripe with lace detailing! Yet again this dress cost me less than $10 due to the material being an op find and the lace a recycled doily! I did choose the doily for its design in that it had the rounded end for the bodice that didn't need altering and the pockets came from the other end which was. Squared off, quite unusual for a doily but perfect for this project!
The front of the dress ended up with. Seam down the middle as I needed the stripe to go vertically and with no room for error (barely a scrap left after I'd cut it out!) it was my only option, luckily for me it worked ok as the fine pinstripe hid the seam quite well!
I liked the concept of the midriff being horizontal with the stripes so made sure I could cut it that way, the lining is the opposite due to the lack of spare fabric, but hey who sees the lining, at least it's the same fabric!
I don't usually add pockets to my dresses but this one needed them and I really wanted to add more of the lace. I found the pattern for theocrats online, it was a design for a kids pants pocket, I altered it slightly to work with my design and cut both a fabric lining and the lace so it would have structure and strength, the lace alone would have been too delicate and of course full of holes so not ideal without a lining! After pinning the pockets on I felt they needed something more, so I flipped the top corners down and added vintage buttons in green to hold them in place, if I'd had more buttons I'd have added them down the front of the bodice, but there were only two so I had to flag that idea, I think it was probably a better idea anyway now it's finished I like how it's not too fussy but has just the right amount of embellishment for a Christmas number.
Modelling my new dress with my new to retro friend Jess (we did a makeover for her for this shoot!)
The fabulous photos are by my dear friend Amy Jansen-Leen who runs a fabulous blog called Chica Chica Boom Chic where she features frocks and mine is it this week! Have a look at Amy's blog, it's so inspirational! You will also notice my very fine headpiece! Also created by the amazingly talented milliner Amy Jansen-Leen. My very own Christmas inspired piece with vintage veiling. You can see a closeup of it in the next photo montage

Posted: Tuesday 16 December 2014

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