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The Walkaway Dress - Collette's version!

The Walkaway Dress - Collette's version!


The Walkaway dress is an easy project a replica 1950s day dress that works like an apron front with a full circle skirt coming from the back. It looks like a pencil dress under a full skirt and has an amazing silhouette.
So why is it called the Walkaway dress? Simply put, it is supposed to only take you a morning to create and you can Walkaway in it by lunchtime! It really doesn't take long to make, I whipped up my version in a couple of hours.
The problem though with reproduction patterns is that they later them to work with modern figures, making them often not appear the shape on the pattern cover so can be quite disappointing. There is a great tutorial on another blog which you can see here on edelweiss pattern blog
Katrina shows you how to alter the pattern back to the correct design and also how to make a split petticoat. I wish I had seen this before I started my dress as it would have saved me a bit of grief! 
This is the pattern for those keen to try and make it
I was lucky enough to get some material that is actually genuine 1950s fabric, it's a nice crisp cotton and having plenty of it meant it was perfect for this project as you certainly need quite a few metres! I do think however that next time I would make it with two different fabrics as it looks amazing like that, a Google search on Walkaway dress will show you what I mean! I can now confess I actually made this dress over a year ago, I didn't like the neckline it felt big and ungainly, hence wishing I had seen the tutorial on how to alter it beforehand! I nearly cut it up into a skirt but something made me look at how I could alter the neckline to work as it was, a couple well positioned darts was all it needed! So my Walkaway only took me 2 hours and 12 months to complete, and here it is, ready to wear
A full skirt really does need a petticoat so I made the split one especially for it, as the dress does separate occasionally and you can see flashes of the petticoat if not careful, I went with s lovely rose patterned stiff fabric. The top of the petticoat is threaded onto elastic and you position it to sit to the sides so the front pencil dress isn't covered or warped out of line. The elastic is hidden behind the buttoned waist of the over skirt which works really well. This is what it looks like
All in all I'm really happy with this simple yet stylish day dress, the only part of it that isn't from the 1950s is the bias binding, even the buttons were vintage sourced. 

Posted: Saturday 27 December 2014

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