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Ladies... how to wear a neck-tie!

Ladies... how to wear a neck-tie!

I have a huge stash of mens neck ties, some are gorgeous vintage ones and it seems such a shame that they probably wont get worn again as a tie. 

Ive been looking into tshirt refashions on good old pinterest and a neck tie one caught my eye so I thought why not use one of the fabuluos ties I have hidden away and dress up one of the ugly boring t-shirts or singlets I also have stored away. I really am not a t-shirt sort of girl but somehow end up with ones and because I hate throwing things out, they simply sit in a drawer taking up space I dont really have.

For this project i used a brand new singlet top, ordinary and plain, it was begging for some decoration and this lovely old tie (Pretty feminine looknig isnt it for a guys tie!)  was the perfect colour. Now you may notice the before photo is not the same as the after, well thats simply because I forgot to take a before photo but hey look I have another perfect combo with the pink one and yet another pretty feminie mens tie, go figure! I will however probably do something a little different with that one.

Lets concentrate on the blue one since that the one I did refashion. It is best to use a dress form with stretchy garments. Especially if trying to mold something to it. I had hoped the tie would go around the whole neckline but both the front and back were quite low cut so it wasnt gonig to work that way. I chose to work from the shoulders and pleated the tie to fit around the front and waterfall nicely down and around the neckline. I hand-stitched the tie to the singlet being careful to not alter how it was sitting as off the dress form it sat rather differently! I also had to hand see down the pleats. Little so they say better, this had to be repinned on the dress form so I could make sure it was correct. I'm glad I took the time to hand stitches it looks so much nicer with hidden stitching than the one I saw on Pinterest with a row of machine stitching around the tie. To finish up the ends were lapped over and I added a button to complete it.

This was key to tieing the back in as I needed to do something there that made it work with the front and not simply be a boring singlet back. I made sure I had a piece from the middle of the tie to use and hadsewed that to the centre of the back and added another matching button. 

Next week Im gonig to try a completely different t-shirt rrefashion so watch this space.

Posted: Saturday 24 January 2015

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