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2 Dresses and a Shrug - Retro Restyled

2 Dresses and a Shrug - Retro Restyled

I've been working on some restyled again and thought I'd share a few with you. As this isn't a tutorial I thought I'd share all three at once with a few tips and tricks for those keen on restyling garments. Other then saving some money the benefit is that you have an original garment that no one else will be wearing, a rare event these days with all these chain stores around!
First up I needed a light weight white shrug to go with my new sailor dress and I guess we'll anything that goes with white that requires sleeves. They're good for those in between days when it's not hot and it's not quite cold either.
I tried to find one to buy but it's near on impossible, I have a heavier weight one and several white cardigans but I was wanting something more like mesh or lace.
I came across this white mesh top with crossover front at an op , it was brand new so even better and cost me $6.00. 

Using my heavier weight shrug I measured the back and front areas against the top of the garment, drew and then cut around the edges leaving a cm seam allowance then simply folded it over and sewed around! A perfectly simple and quick way to solve my white shrug problem!

Next up, I found this lovely dress in an op , it was little more expensive at a whopping big amount of $10.00, how cheap can you get especially for such a well made garment, it's fully lined and really well constructed. The thin spaghetti straps are removable making it a strapless number with boning in the bodice and I of course wanted to make it even more versatile and created a removable halter neck strap that simply buttons on or off. Cant really beat such versatility now can you!
I hunted around for a while for matching material, it wasn't easy, being a really heavyweight cotton and unusual colours it started to look like a lost cause until I came across the perfect fabric at yet again, an op ! It couldn't have matched better if I'd tried! And guess what it only cost an extra $3.00!
The length of this dress was a little too short for how I like my dresses so a band around the bottom finished it off nicely, matching with the halter neck it gives it a whole new look and very retro now! It's heavy enough for cold weather so teamed with a nice cardigan I can see myself wearing it often this coming winter!

And last but not least my monochromatic number, this beauty cost $8.00 from the op , I saw its huge potential straight away, it too was too short and it came with no straps at all hence the photo with the straps from the other dress. Clearly it too can be worn strapless but I wanted it to be halter neck as well, my favourite style. I may still make up some shoulder straps but we will wait and see, for now a removable halter neck is perfect.
The length on this one was even shorter. Tip for the sewers, measure against your other dresses to get the perfect length! I found it needed quite a long band so rather then add half a skirts worth of fabric at the bottom, which would have looked weird, I cut it up so one strip was smaller, then added that further up the skirt with a band of the dress in between and hey presto! It was much easier finding black stretch cotton to sort this one by the way!

So for the Halternecks, simply measure around your neck while you have the dress on add a couple inches and cut out a strip twice the width of what you want it to be, sew it in half and then add buttonholes on each end. Sew buttons inside the bodice just low enough down to hide the buttonholes and there you go, an instant halter neck which you can remove whenever you wish to wear it strapless or with shoulder straps.

Posted: Tuesday 10 March 2015

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