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It's coming up Daisies!

It's coming up Daisies!


What a dilemma, a fabulous pair of earrings but nothing to wear with them! I tried them with different outfits and they really just didn't seem to work with anything other then basic black, which I only wear when I'm not having a good day, it reflects my mood how I dress and let's face it, daisies are happy flowers so I couldn't wear them then, it would be a contradiction.
It took a while but I eventually found this great fabric at good old Spotlight, even better it was on sale that day I found it too! I loved the natural style of the flowers on the fabric, not too forced and unrealistic. Although the colour was a little bit flat and boringly beige for me, but more on how I got around that later!
Using my favourite dress pattern, MCalls .............. I whipped up the dress yesterday and as planned (forgot to mention it above!) the whole idea for me was to repaint the daisies with fabric paint as they looked a little boringly beige to me and I do like a bit of colour in my life, a tube of yellow fabric paint, a brush and a bit of time...... Both painting and drying time that is, this dress has been lying on my lounge room floor spread out in all its glory while I waited patiently until I could show it to you. 
One very special daisy dress to go with my daisy earrings!

Posted: Thursday 26 March 2015

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