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Cardigan Clips vs Necklaces

Cardigan Clips vs Necklaces

Some fabulous friends of mine were having a stall at the Very Vintage Day out, and offered to sell some of my cardigan clips there. The reason being, they were quite different to the average cardigan clip you can find these days so they were excited to sell them for me along with their fabulous wares! I styled my cardigan clips on old world glamour and what I'd like to wear if I wasn't wearing a necklace. So they needed to be stylish and eye catching enough to replace a necklace I felt.

A while back I did a bit of jewellery making and so I had a huge stash of glorious beads, including glass ones, seed pearls and some very cool vintage jewellery that I was planning on restyling. Some of these became part of the new cardigan clip collection. Each one is unique and I plan to keep it that way.  I only had time to make ten for the VVDO and was excited to hear that eight of them found new owners, always a buzz when you create something to hear that others like them just as much!

Here's the selection I created for the VVDO


Posted: Sunday 12 April 2015

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