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Retro Vintage Inpired Apron by Collette

Retro Vintage Inpired Apron by Collette

This week I was commissioned to make an apron for someone, I hunted high and low for a pattern and came across many, but none that looked like the style that was wanted unless I purchased it on

inr and waited 20 days to receive it, I also didn't have time to go to the local fabric either so drafting my own was the only solution. Using the cockpit of a full skirt I created the bottom half then cut a heart shape top and used my own waist measurement for the waist band. I liked the idea of a bow at the front so I made the straps extra long. This then gives you the option of either back or front tying.

the halter neck was measured off s dress pattern I have as I don't like tie ones and wanted it to be simple to put on.

once the pattern seemed right I made up a simple mockup using some fabric I had, thinking I could simply throw it away when I'd ironed out any issues with it for the real one. However I couldnt do that when it looked so damn good. The problem was that the fabric I'd used was very very thin, not ideal for a protective apron, so what to do? Add another layer of course! I'd edged the first layer with satin binding and the heart top and heart pocket with broderie a glide lace, so perfect for finishing the under layer with the same lace. It was meant to be longer but I literally only had enough lace with an inch to spare so there is just a wee peek of the bottom layer! 

I honestly think it was meant to be like this and it's now my favourite apron, I love it!

Retro Apron

Posted: Sunday 28 June 2015

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