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A $5 Dress Refashion

A $5 Dress Refashion

I found this dress in an op a while ago, it only cost $5.00NZD and felt pretty new! It's one of those dresses you pick up in places like Bali, it's part sundress and part wannabe nightclub with all the sequins sewen around the border! My apologies to whomever attached all the gems but I spent hours unpicking them, they just don't work on such day dress fabric!

I had a vision for this dress, turning it into more of a 1950s style halter neck, this version of halter neck just seemed too modern and unflattering so the first step was to chop off the straps and tuck in the edges to sew down, leaving the little centre 'V' as a feature for the new look. I then reattached the halter straps but further across so they looked more vintage and covered bra straps better.

The skirt was full but not full enough to wear a petticoat and although the size was perfect and I could have simply slashed and inserted panels I thought it best if I unpicked the skirt from the bodice, along with the side seams so I could add in some contrasting white inverted panels properly to add the extra flair. I slashed the front panel and added in an extra panel in front also, then reattached the bodice to the skirt, this gave it the much needed fullness.

Simply takethe the halfpiece of the front panel fold in half again as use this as your pattern to create the inserts As in the picture below.

Sew the insert panels into the side and centre seams, pin the excess material with equal amounts on each side at the back with the pink panels meeting together in the front.

The next issue was making the bodice line stand out better so I added some grosgrain ribbon in hot pink with a decorative stitch to highlight as well as cover up any ugly sewing seams I had made.

I then added an insert of broderie anglaise lace in the gap between the halter straps both to disguise my new cleavage and special bras I now have to wear after breast cancer surgery as well as to highlight the little 'V' I had retained.

Finally I needed a little more length to cover the petticoats I wear so I added an extra border of white fabric. I had ordered some lace for this but was too impatient to wait for it to arrive, I can always add that later but for now I think this looks pretty great! Not bad for $5.00 and a bit of scrap fabrics and lace!

Im going to team this up with a crop cardi, heels and a full petticoat. Bring on a day out!

Posted: Friday 1 January 2016

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