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The Secret Santa Paper Doll Colouring Book

The Secret Santa Paper Doll Colouring Book
The latest book in Collette's Colouring book empire, a little wacky and a lot of fun for Christmas Day.
You see being Santa is like a weekend job, the poor fella is only employed at the end of the year, so what does he do the rest of time?
He might be Stan from accounts or Trevor the repair man. You may have holidayed with him in Hawaii or talked mortgages with him at your local bank. 
Secret Santa is a Grown-up Paper Doll cut out book that you color in. Make his hippie outfit as wildly psychedelic as you want, choose his corporate suit colour, heck even colour his traditional Santa Suit anything but red if you want.
You can even photocopy the outfits and redo them in many different colorways, just because you can. 
This is Santa as you have never seen him before.
Availalbe on Amazon from the 25th November 2016 Secret Santa - Coloring Book

Posted: Sunday 20 November 2016

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