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The Painter is Back!

The Painter is Back!

It's been an interesting few years and I won't say it hasnt been difficult. The brush with death having had breast cancer twice has been both frightening as well as life changing. I've learnt a lot about myself and had taken this expereince and made something good from it. 

The last lot of artwork was very dark and it did reflect my state of mind and although things are on the up, I still find the dark side of art still inspires me and I enjoy digging deeper into that realm. It doesnt mean Im in a dark place myself however so dont worry about that! Often artists explore the dark side, its a good place to grow from.

Just last week I was asked to be part of a local show at a new gallery space here in Hamilton and I jumped at the chance. Its been a pretty rough time in recent years, galleries have been closing and there hasnt been many places for artists to exhibit. Those who know me, know Im passionate about supporting anything and anyone who gives this a go so I'm naturally backing this new space. So this is the part where i announce I will be painting once again and exhibiting and very soon. I have already created half a show, i was just waiting for the right place to come along that fitted with what my show is all about and my concepts and ideals for life in general.

The Frankton Gallery at 10 High Street, Frankton is open Thirsdays through to Sundays 10 - 4pm and is currently showing artworks from local artists including myself.

Ill be letting you know soon when my show is scheduled, but we are looking at possibly March 2018. Ill keep you posted!

Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017

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