Review - HOME New Zealand Magazine – Art House Issue 2010

Review - HOME New Zealand Magazine – Art House Issue 2010

I came across this magazine quite by accident while waiting in line at the supermarket check-out. It’s usually about other home related things apparently, but once a year it seems, they focus on my favourite subject ‘ART!” So naturally I added it to my already over flowing trolley!

Now most art magazines I find a little pretentious, they’re full of things I don’t want to read about and then the House or Home type magazines tend to focus on anything but the art and its no secret well to me anyway, that they often just hire the artwork that’s hanging on the walls of the houses featured, so not even a true representation of what people really buy and hang in their homes.


Now this magazine is another story, well this issue anyway, but that doesn’t mean Im not going to check out future issues because Im hoping they’re just as real with the art in peoples houses even if the focus is their designer kitchen or architecturally designed layout to die for!

Featured in this mag are other artist’s homes and best of all some art collectors who it seems don’t always focus on the investment value of the work they buy; in fact one particular collector is just as interested in the artists themselves as he is of their artwork. Barry Pilcher you give us artist’s faith in that there really are people out there like you! You rock! It was gratifying to see other artist’s work I know hanging on Barry’s walls, I secretly felt thrilled to see them and excited that they had sold their work probably as much as they the artists did at the time of selling them! The fact that all the artwork wasn’t in neat tidy rows or made to go with the curtains was refreshing to say the least. I enjoyed seeing art appreciated in this way!

The interview with Lynn Whitfield also impressed on me that some people do still buy art after they have filled their walls, not thinking “Oh well I’ve got no space left for more art so Ill stop buying any.” In fact the art leasing business they created to share the art around was genius. Kiwi ingenuity indeed! Very impressed Lynn, good on you! When my walls start groaning with my collection of artworks I hope Im just as clever!


There’s an interview with James Kirkwood showing his collection of other artist’s work along with some of his. I’d have been disappointed if he didn’t have some of his own work there of course! Having an insight into another artist’s home is exciting and rewarding in that it makes them seem so much more real. James quirky choice of décor was certainly a nice change from the stark white walls of a gallery type house that I would have expected. Sarah Maxey and Judy Millar open up their artist abodes also and several other homes from one extreme to another are interesting reads but Im not going to spoil the whole mag for you because I think you should buy it too, it’s a worthwhile read and highly recommended, I cant wait for the 2011 issue now!

Posted: Wednesday 10 February 2010


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