Random Connections

Random Connections

Only last week I was exhibiting with a group of artists who most of us had the most random of connections in the arts industry. We came together out of an idea spawned by another local artist who approached a couple of her friends myself included asking if we would be keen to do something in the way of a show in an empty restaurant space. A few emails and phone calls later and we had a group of eight including both painters and sculptors. Within a week we had it all together and hosting an opening function that just buzzed with activity. So great to see so many people out to such a new venture on such a cold night, it was amazing!

The week is now over and delighted to say it was very successful, many sales and lots of visitors to the point we thought why not stay open another week or better yet lets see if we can stay for even longer, so right now we are in the process of putting together an artists cooperative and working through all the things we will need to do to make it stay successful.

 Having done this sort of thing before I’ve got that experience under my belt as well as all the necessary paperwork, budgets and advice to give to the others, taking some of the sting out of the unknown for them, as it can be quite frightening to commit to weekly rents and bills for such a thing, I know I’ve been there!

As I say though, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Posted: Tuesday 12 July 2011