The only way is up baby!!!

The only way is up baby!!!

The only way is up!


Yes I know I know, you fell like bursting into song with that heading! Well feel free to because if you’re an artist which is highly likely if you’re reading my ramblings then its normal to burst into song at the drop of a hat…or beret!

So why so upbeat huh? Well today has been about experimenting and trying something new with my art as I have been playing with resin and working on a new project with it, it hasn’t been 100% successful but now I see where I can change things to make it work well, it means I have a break-through and a product that I’m keen to work on more and hopefully sell even better! Its been a lot of fun too so its win win for me today! There have been errors which is the downer side of things but that’s only natural when you’re learning something new and as I say….the only way is up after that isn’t it?!


I had a client talk to me this week about experimenting and she felt that she needed to spend more time doing so and I think may have felt a little guilty, the fact she needs to start selling is distracting her from this learning time and for some reason she thinks it’s a bad thing to be doing one or the other. I think she should do both and told her so, its actually ok to sell the work that is completed and you feel you have mastered the techniques with while you continue to experiment with the other stuff you want to try, it means you have money coming in to help finance the experiments and its failures or successes and you get to enjoy both worlds.

I also have a client who is stuck in a rut where he thinks that he must churn out 100s of the same thing for the rest of his life, and that experimenting will take away from his productivity and decrease his income. I expect it will decrease his income well short term anyway but imagine the possibilities if he came up with a better product or a product that is quicker, easier or less expensive to make!

As I say, the only way is up

Posted: Sunday 8 August 2010


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