Is this Art?

Is this Art?

Is this Art?

You could be forgiven if you thought I didn’t like conceptual art after the fiasco last year with media hitting on a couple of comments made by a few of us artist’s disliking the winning entry from last year’s show! The truth is Im not opposed to it at all and enjoy a lot of the weird and wacky artworks and their collective conceptual reasoning’s.

I attended the opening of the National Contemporary Art Awards last night and am about to write my thoughts on what I saw, but for now I want to share this poem with you that I found and was saving to post with the review. I think it deserves its own post and should appear as a stand out concept of its own so to speak. I’m interested in your thoughts on this piece of poetry before we get into the nitty gritty of what is Art and what did I see at the National Contemporary Art Awards last night…………


Is this Art? By Paul Curtis


Martin Creed or Damien Hirst
Collins, Gormley which one's worst
A pickled sheep in formaldehyde
A light goes on and off inside
The truth about salt and paper crumpled
Painting by numbers and things untitled
A pile of bricks, an unmade bed
Is this art or is art dead?

Posted: Friday 6 August 2010


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