What does an artist LOOK like: is there a typical look and can you identify it?

What does an artist LOOK like: is there a typical look and can you identify it?

I personally think that anything goes with how you look, there is on rule or style as such, after all we are all individual in how we are, how we create and how we think so why not how we dress. So why do I want to talk about what a typical artist looks like? Well a while ago a good friend of mine, Bruce, went on TV1 to be interviewed about an art thing that we were embroiled in. He wore a beret for that particular interview and was razed for it, being mocked for being a ‘typical artist’ when to be honest, that’s what he normally wears, he is a big hat wearer and it was nothing to do with looking the part! Funnily enough I am often disappointed how ordinary other artists look, I can usually tell that they’re artists by their behaviour, thee looking at the sides of artwork to see how they’re finished and things like that are dead giveaways, but look wise they could be your neighbour or your uncle or, well simply anyone!


So what do you think an artist should look like? How can you tell that someone is artistic? I believe that there's no general look of an artist, but sometimes you can just tell if someone is, they have

Things like funky hair, and usually comfortable shoes. They usually are loaded down carrying tons of arty stuff and a giant portfolio, well at least the student variety are anyway!

Clothes and shoes often give it away; they all have paint on them.  Despite their love of colour, artists wear a LOT of BLACK.

 I came across this description somewhere, its not mine but I don’t know who the author is, so if you do please let me know! This is their rendition of how to look like an artist (Just for fun!)


How to dress like an artist


Whether you're heading off to art school, and want to fit in, or you just want to unleash your inner artist through your appearance, dressing like an artist is a great way to express yourself.

Understand that the world, including your clothing, is a palette to express yourself. Find what makes you feel happy or alive, not what others tell you is fashionable.

Look at your hair. Decide if you want to change something about it to make it stand out. Choppy, bangs? Dreads? Dyed a unique colour, or streaks? Shaved head? Mohawk? Teased, big, hair? Extremely short (girls)? Extremely long (guys)?

If you're wary to make a big change to your hairstyle right away, try temporary dye. It allows you to make a big change at once, without having to stick with it for long.

Do you have any piercings? You're not required to, as long as you employ many other methods of stand-out-isms, but it can help. Consider your eyebrow, especially. Or if you want something a little tamer, try your cartilage. Be careful about nose rings. They can look trashy on girls instead of artsy.

Give up ping at the generic department store, except for small staples like underwear, simple tank tops, and maybe jeans.

Buy the latest and most fashionable pieces you can find at the specialty or thrift stores.

Dress up any shirt or dress with awesome accessories, with a belt added to the natural waist (on girls) really pumps up the artsy. A well tailored trench coat is a good artsy investment. Most of the time you have to look like you don't care about what you're wearing, you just threw something on. It also helps a lot if it fits really well, especially on guys. Artsy guys should never wear ill fitting ruined dress pants or something. If you do wear jeans, make sure they're stylish and they can be ripped and faded. Shoes can be bought here too.

Shop at 'vintage' stores or at tiny exclusive boutiques. This will be much more expensive, but you can find some truly original things. Perhaps a couple good, classy pieces mixed with other stuff is a good idea.

Look for jewellery that is interesting and unique, or ties together your look. Look for funky pieces, foreign pieces, expensive well made pieces, intricate wood pieces, and the 80's had a bunch of fascinating stuff.

Stop shaving (if you're a guy), or give the impression you have. No artsy guy is hotter than when he has a little facial hair.

Black is a good tool you can use to unify your look, as is white.

Artists see the world around them as malleable and full of visual and physical textures. Clothing is a medium for art, both something that is art in itself and that can allow other art to happen. When you want to make your clothing an art statement, explore colours, fabrics, cuts. Do you find your self drawn to soft fabrics like velvet or stiff starched shirts? What colours do you think go well together? What is your reaction to big prints? Small prints? Also think about dressing so that you can allow art to happen. Have shirts that you can get paint or charcoal on. Wear leggings that you can dance in.

Make your own clothing with or without patterns. Sew fabric into jeans, crochet a shawl, revel in remaking what is already out there.

Be Unique - The whole point is to try to find beauty in your own unique style. If you ever find something and aren't sure whether it's the best thing you've ever seen or kind of cool, it's a treasure. Buy it, use it, and be proud of it.

No matter what you do, or what style you go with, the key idea here is to look different and look your best. Whatever is not done, do it. Wear patent leather boots with knee length skirts with a stylish raincoat, wear a cute t-shirt with a feminine, flowing skirt. If you throw yourself into anything at all, with poise and self confidence you will most likely carry it off. More than anything, it's about your attitude. Believe you look cool, wear whatever truly appeals, and you'll be golden.

Shopping at thrift stores is a killer way to get your different style on. You can find retro and modern styles and easily mix and match them. Thrift stores can be a great asset.


So go to it, you want to look like an artist this is it! Enjoy!

Posted: Saturday 17 April 2010