Fashion and an evening with Annah Stretton

Fashion and an evening with Annah Stretton

Fashion and an evening with Annah Stretton


We all know designing is an art form and I really should talk about fashion in that way but I think what I did last night was much more interesting. Now as some of you would know I like to sew the occasional item of clothing, and I’m really into vamping up old stuff, giving it my personal touch and a new lease of life; I don’t however profess to being particularly good at it, as I’m a little lazy and want things now so I leave out pockets and linings and so on ending up with half the finish I’d really wanted and feeling rather disappointed in my creations so instead of focusing on that aspect, I’m going to tell you about the event I went to last night that was on fashion and meant spending a little time in the presence of our most fabulous local designer, Annah Stretton.

Its no secret I like Annah’s clothing, they have that arty appeal about them that I really like (Read…not boring or average!), there are obi’s and flowers, frills and sleek design with the ability to transform some garments into several different styles, and boy do I wish I could fill my wardrobe with it. I have a couple of pieces that I treasure and several I have my eye on at present. So I was really looking forward to hearing about the Chameleon dress that I knew Annah was going to be showing us.

After a bit of wine and networking, Annah gave us some tips on fashion, clothing and wardrobe in general, showing us how to utilise what we already have and give then a whole new look. If I’d have had more time Id be going through my wardrobe and having a play with these ideas but since this week is booked solid with stuff I have to do, Ill have to wait until the weekend when I can give it plenty of thought and spend some time assessing what I have and what I can do with it.


Now back in the ‘I can spend my money on anything especially just me Days’ (Pre having kids that is!) I loved going into designer stores until one over the top sales lady ripped the curtain to the changing room wide open exposing me half dressed (Trying on a bathing suit at the time half dressed!) and exposed me to the world as the dressing rooms faced the window on a very busy area of foot traffic. Imagine my mortification. I got over that fortunatelyt but not the entering designer stores or trying stuff on if the sales staff were more than a little eager to hard sell to me, that was until after what I heard from Annah, as she talked about the way they do stuff at the Annah S stores. I really believe now that I can go in and feel like they know their stuff and can help me with the awkward stuff things like ‘Does my bum look too big in this?’ or ‘Am I too old to wear it?”senarios etc, in that theyre trained to recognise what will work on you with your figure, your colouring and so on and best yet, what wont work, so if you’re smart and listen to them they will pick stuff out for you and help you with ideas on how to wear them, as well as what colours work for you, so you simply wont need to even ask those sort of questions!

The Chameleon dress now that’s a bit of me, I saw it in ‘Her’ Magazine last month, if you want to see what Im talking about check out to see the dress which there is even a video of how to create different looks if your’e not sure, and of course more information on the magazine which you can pick up from most good book stores or like me, I pop it in the trolley at the supermarket checkout, so no excuses really!

The Chameleon is a dress that can be worn at least seven different ways, turn it inside out for different colour-ways, tie it this way or that, or for a more glam look add tucks and maybe a flower; flattening it out at the front creates a coat style, and there’s even a way to turn it into a skirt, now who wouldn’t want one of these in her suitcase when travelling. They’re limited edition pieces, so you can be sure that you’re not going to see someone else wearing the same piece as you down the street that’s for sure!

A big thank you to Annah for the fabulous evening, a chance to chat and to hear some stories along with the fashion advice and of course the goodies bag we all got at the end of the evening, there was the latest copy of ‘Her’ Magazine, a copy of Annah’s book ‘Rag Trade to Mag Trade’ which I’m really eager to start reading and a fabulous ribbon embellishment to accessorise up any outfit! Mine was in green and cream which Id have worn today if I hadn’t planned pink, you see its one of those weeks where I actually know what I’m wearing most days well in advance, just no time to think about it each morning. Wish Id have brought an Obi though, that would work so well with what I’m wearing tomorrow, it’s now on the list for next week, when I can make it back into the store! In fact I can’t wait to pop back into the Barton Street store and have more of a one on one talk to the staff about what I should be wearing and discuss that red Chameleon dress with my name on it!

Posted: Wednesday 2 June 2010


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