Fun and Games an exhibition by Lyndy Wilson

Fun and Games an exhibition by Lyndy Wilson

Soul Gallery in Hamilton is currently exhibiting Lyndy Wilson’s latest artworks and I went along to the opening evening to have a look at what was on offer.

I’ve known Lyndy for a few years now through art connections and have always found her work fun and refreshing. Lyndy’s work has gone from an almost décor look to quite a whimsical nature in recent times with the characters being everyday people that you feel you could know, widening the appeal to a much larger audience. I think she has hit on a good thing and found her niche with this look and so does the general public it seems as her work is becoming really quite popular. Ive seen her artworks in collections that mine are in along with some really big names beside ours, so definitely one artist to look out for!


Last night’s offering were easy to relate to, the piece titled “Noughts and Crosses” appealing to my husband who said it reminded him of our own daughters, the smaller one pushing the older girl aside to get at the game, whilst the large “Birthday” painting of a group of six adults at a table attracted most of the viewers like moths to a glowing light! This piece radiated a warm glow both in the rich colours chosen and the feel good factor, I’ll be surprised if that piece doesn’t sell very quickly.


At first glance you see a wall full of paintings that are colourful and busy; soulful eyes gaze out at you and you wonder about the almost smiling faces, what’s behind that? On closer inspection you see so much more going on; in the piece titled “Birthday” one of the males is playfully groping his partner’s breast, something easy to miss but definitely there. The characters feet in Lyndy’s work all turn in pigeon toed giving the works an innocence that if you know Lyndy you know it’s genuine, she’s such a lovely person. I wish her well in her art career; I truly believe that she will do well. “Bed of Roses” is a fabulous nude, with the couple lying amongst the flowers, a very tasteful nude that wouldn’t offend great aunt Maud if hung in the family living area, its quite cutesy and well done.


The first piece you see when you enter the exhibition space at Soul is “Carnival,” a circus scene that Lyndy told me was the final piece she created for this exhibition; its quite a departure from the rest of the pieces on show and Ill be interested to see if she does go with the concept we discussed of more bizarre characters in her next one, I say ‘Yes definitely do the two headed ladies Lyndy!’

Check out Lyndy's work here

Posted: Friday 9 April 2010


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