Making art sales, hard sell or soft sell, heres a couple of tips...

Making art sales, hard sell or soft sell, heres a couple of tips...

Getting your customers to sign the dotted line!


I know we all hate the hard sell and there is nothing worse than pressuring someone to buy something especially something as personal as art, but sometimes you really do need to talk people into making that final decision. I could make a small fortune if I charged a dollar for every time a customer has regretted not buying an artwork when they first saw it and ‘thought’ about buying it, presuming it would still be there months down the track only to find it has sold to someone else. Murphy’s Law or lack of selling skills? Here are three Sales tips for effective closing-

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Actually known as the ‘KISS’ method, this means make your offer short and to the point so it is easily understood.

The QUICK CLOSE –try and close the deal early in the encounter. You can always back track if you have to and provide any relevant information if it’s needed.

REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT- as in make a closing statement more than once as sometimes one close may not quite do it. You can ask as many times at it takes to get that yes or that signature on the cheque. Several times and still no deal means they’re probably not going to buy so you may want to stop then…..!

Try things like “Shall I get this wrapped up for you?” or “Would you like me to write up the paperwork for you/” should get you an instant “Yes” or a definite “No”  another idea is suggest you can gift wrap it, as often the buyer is either buying it for someone else or as a gift to themselves, making it more special can either be a bit of a giggle or the cherry on top that seals the deal (Now you see why the image for this post is the cherries huh?)

I’m not one for lying to get a sale either, in fact I’m probably a little shy when it comes to selling my art, preferring it to sell it self! I rely on gallery staff to do the ‘sell’ for me but it doesn’t mean I don’t know how it works ok! But for integrity sake, never tell lies, they always come back to bite you in the ass. If you say “There’s been a lot of interest in this piece, I can sort the paperwork for you now so you don’t miss out.” Then I hope you are being straight up, there’s nothing worse than insincerity and you have a reputation to uphold. Respect is something you earn and no one is going to believe you if the piece ends up sitting around for 6 months without selling after saying that!

Go into the deal presuming they’re going to buy your artwork as it creates a aura that’s positive and happy, which as much as you may want to deny it, it often works to your advantage. After all ‘Positivity breeds positvity.’ Happy selling!

Posted: Monday 2 August 2010


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