What are O-moshi-roo-soo?

What are O-moshi-roo-soo?

A while ago a friend gave me some really interesting origami paper creations that he had made and I thought they were so fantastic I asked him to make more for the gallery to sell.

He was a bit taken aback but keen to give it a try. So we sorted what colours might work well in the gallery and off he went to create them. At that stage they didn’t have a name so I asked him to find something special to call them. That’s where the name O-moshi-roo-soo comes in. I personally thought it should be something in Japanese since the artist is Japanese and the art form of origami being from Japan it really was a no-brainer!

So what does this O-moshi-roo-soo mean you ask? It stands for ‘That looks interesting!’ which these fabulous little (and big.) handmade paper creations or pop into the gallery to see some certainly are! I have painted a simple rendition on my image for the day but if you want to see what they really look like have a look at them here.

My friend Tim makes the orbs (As we call them in short terms in many different colour ways), he makes the initial pieces on his way to work on the bus in Auckland city, as it takes a while to get there and gives him something to do while traveling, he then assembles the pieces into the orb shapes and sends them to us!

It’s interesting to see the reactions of customers to the O-moshi-roo-soo’s! They generally are surprised how weighty they are considering they are made of paper. One customer purchased one for her friend as the best thing she could find that did nothing but look pretty, you couldn’t really use it for anything like hold water or serve things up in it she said and that’s so true!


I love the little note my friend puts as his tagline on the artwork ‘If picked up or dropped, it will become a kitset!’ Fortunately I have only seen this happen a couple of times!


Posted: Friday 2 April 2010


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