Protecting your clothes from art stuff

Protecting your clothes from art stuff

Back in the olden days artists had lovely big baggy smock type outfits to go with their berets, it was some sort of artist’s uniform but it was also for practicality too, you see their clothes back then were full and baggy also so they needed the long flowing robes and gathered sleeves to go over the top. I don’t know if anyone here has tired to wear similar protective clothing but I certainly have and it was more of a pain than anything else, sleeves dragging in paint and no where to put rags or the stray brush or pencil etc that you wanted kept handy close by.

So I came up with the idea of an artist’s apron which I’m sure I’m not the first to do so but I think mine would have to e the coolest. They’re sold in retail outlets around New Zealand so others obviously think so too!

The thing with the aprons are that they are closely fitted, they can go over any clothing, don’t get in the way and are easy to put on and take off again, a must if you’re anything like me where you simply ‘have to do a little bit more to that painting’ before you take off out the door in your good clothes to work or an evening out! If I’m stupid enough to put an apron on you can guarantee Ill get paint on my clothes so it’s a must have item for me.

Better yet there are several pockets in my apron designs, and a handy loop on the back to hang a towel or rag off.

The neck is adjustable and the ties mean that they fit anyone.

I have several designs,

1. The flamboyant Queen of Arts Apron with a Boozehag picture on the front where she is painting something and an optional feather boa trim.

2. ‘Support Living Artists the dead ones don’t need it ones. Pictured above

3. Artist ones where they simply say ‘Artist’ with paint dripping from the ‘I’ which is oh so cleverly disguised as a brush!

4. Or a plain apron with nothing written on it at all.


I have tried all sorts of other apron styles over the years there was the inspirational artists one with art quotes on it the pre-painted one with paint splatters for those too scared to mess up their apron so I started it for the!

I got second place in a general type apron contest I once entered with them too so not bad going I think.

At the moment they’re not listed on my website as I preferring to sell via retail outlets at present, however do feel free to email me if you want one or some information on them!

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Posted: Friday 7 May 2010


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