Driving is an Art also.............

Driving is an Art also.............

I went to the Hamilton V8 car races this weekend where I watched these performance cars reach amazing speeds. There weren’t as many ‘entertaining’ crashes as I would have liked to have seen to be honest! Driving at such speeds would take a lot of skill, having only one speeding ticket to my name EVER I obviously am not experienced enough but I do appreciate what skill it would take.

Back in the day when I learnt to drive my father taught me a few things that I think get missed all to often these days with our young drivers.

My father taught me to drive with the idea that everyone else on the road were accidents waiting to happen, so I would be prepared if they made errors that could cause an accident, its amazing how much that particular tip has come in handy! He taught me how to corner properly, besides having more control over the car it also meant that the kids when they were young were less prone to car sickness due to the lack of wild weaving across the roads at corners. I learnt simple stuff like following and braking distances, although it doesn’t count in Auckland traffic as most of them don’t seem to know what a good following distance is, you see if you can fit your car in that braking space you do, so it seems!

There are many skills I’m glad I’ve learnt regarding driving but I think that’s enough for today's blog, lets talk about the racing cars now……

At the Hamilton V8’s we watched TeamVodafone’s Jamie Whincup win race eight of the 2010 V8 Supercar Championship in New Zealand, with quite a lead on Toll Holden Racing Team’s Garth Tander. Fujitsu Racing GRM driver Michael Caruso took third place in the Sunday race at the ITM400 Hamilton.

I thought the stunt bikes were impressive and am glad I have sensible daughters who wouldn’t want to ride stunt bikes, well at least I hope they never do, I can only imagine how many times those boys Mums worry about the dangerous nature of their profession!

The atmosphere of this event in Hamilton wasn't the same as previous years and it was disappointing that the carnival atmosphere with the creative side i.e. actors and musicians that  helped create a different experience to the usual nightlife was not there this time round. In fact if you didn't know the V8s were in town you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone goes out wearing windbreakers and caps in Hamilton as that was all you could see. There weren't even the usual hordes of pit girls and promo girls that are normally there. In fact I was quite surprised how few there were this year!

Posted: Sunday 18 April 2010


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