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Chardonnay Minx - Collector of Things

Chardonnay Minx - Collector of Things
ON SALE UNTIL the 30th September 2017, get in quick!

Chardonnay Minx is a fun loving, crazy collector of things character, brought to you in a coloring book unlike any other! This is a unique collection of 27 wacky and wonderful coloring pages about a girl called Chardonnay, who loves to collect unusual things like spray cans, lingerie, cars, cats, sugar skulls, art supplies, socks and much much more. This book also contains 4 extra pages to color from Collette's other books as an extra bonus!

All pages are Collette’s completely hand-drawn original designs and range from simple and easy to more intricate and challenging.

Each coloring page is one-sided so you don't have to worry about ruining the other side of your coloring pages if you use markers or other wet mediums.

This book is available at on this link-
Book Depository - COMING SOON

Please note that Book Depository is FREE DELIVERY so a lot cheaper for NZ and Australia customers.

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