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Collette Fergus Miss Retro 2014John Key Caricature by Collette Fergus

'John Key' a caricature by Collette Renee Fergus 2014

New Zealand artist Collette Renee Fergus Her work is quirky, diverse and fresh with a message underlying in each pieceCommission art is her specialty so please feel free to contact her about your own special piece
Collette is happy to make a visit to see you if you are fairly local  or in your area as she does travel around a bit! She can advise on every aspect of what you require, see your colour scheme and get to know you so she can gain valuable inspiration to create that unique work of art for you. Although based in New Zealand, Collette often deals with requests from many overseas clients for her art. A lot of her work has been created via the internet and snail mail and sent far and wide, so anything is possible.

Pet Portraiture is another specialty of Collette's; have a look at Collette's

 Pet Portraits page  

for ideas and help with getting your treasured pet, pedigreePet portrait by Collette Fergus
 moggy or mixed breed, they all are special to us; have them immortilised on canvas in a unique and fun way.

Please feel free to enquire about the process. All your information remains confidential.


Check out Collette's Fan Page on Facebook  


Check out Collette's Blog -   Upcycle, Revamp, Recreate, ok lets just create full stop!

        My blog is about making things, recycling, up-cycling, recreating, whatever you want to call it. I am inspired by vintage, the 1950's in particular, the femininity and classic style of this era is reflected in a lot of my creations.

 I try to avoid buying mass produced anything,opting instead for up-cycled, re-used, repaired, recycled, second hand items. I don't like waste, one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. Come along for the ride and explore some creative solutions to give things a new lease on life, instructions included! 


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