• Kiwi As!
    Jandals are a kiwi thing. Green jandals at the beach in this small mixed media piece. Featuring artist quality paints gels and pastes along with glass. 250mm x 250mm stretched canvas, ready to hang.

    Available for purchase from Art on Tyne Gallery, Oamaru, New Zealand
  • The Girl in the Emerald Green Dress
    A bit Alice in Wonderland and a bit dealing with demons, this piece is about finding what bothers you and doing something about it. Part of Collette's Fairytales series a dark fairytale art form
    Measuring 900mm x 600mm this acrylic mixed media painting is high quality artists paints on quality canvas stretched over a wood frame and ready to hang.

    Collette Fergus - Contemporary Artist
  • Two Wars
    Picasso's Guernica combined with Covid 19, Collette's take on this famous piece during a tough time for the world. This artwork has always been an obsession and when the Covid19 virus put the world at a standstill, Collette created it as a piece to mark the time and keep her busy while in lockdown.
    Two wars combines the Guernica battle scene with modern day warfare, a virus that caused a major world pandemic in 2020. A Covid art movement.
    This is a scaled down version of the massive original, and still is a large painting at nearly 2000mm long POA
  • That 80's Cocktail Bar
    Memories of cocktail bars from the 1980s are the inspiration behind this piece. I loved the brightly coloured bottles, bright lights and sparkles of those fun times.
    Mixed media acrylics with gold, silver & copper leaf and various artists quality gels and pastes. 850mm x 650mm $670.00NZD
  • Idealism of Green Bottles
    Another rich jewel coloured abstract artwork featuring green bottles. Measuring 300mm x 400mm mixed media on canvas, ready to hang. $290.00 NZD
  • Size Zero
    Size Zero is a mixed media skeleton artwork about taking diet pills and the danger they present to body image conscious young women and men. From the 100 Dresses Exhibition, Size Zero is also a social statement on bullying about weight, A mixed media artwork thats about taking diet pills and the misguided belief size zero is the perfect goal. Measuring 1080mm x 1080mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. $1700.00 NZD
  • Marguerite
    A contemporary floral abstract art piece in teals, blues and creams. Measuring 620mm x 920mm, stretched canvas ready to hang. Artists quality paints, gels and texture pastes with glass $670.00 NZD