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Want Energy and Beauty in Your Workspace?: Introduce Contemporary Art

Adding contemporary abstract art to your workplace enhances the atmosphere and stimulates your employees with its calming yet passionate nature. Take a look at the SOLD ARTWORKS page to see some of my previous abstract pieces. If you're interested in commissioning your own custom piece, don't hesitate to reach out and let's bring your vision to life.

Browse the stunning ever-evolving collection of contemporary artworks by Collette Renee Fergus. And explore the latest creations that showcase her unique style and passion for life. 

Why not CONTACT COLLETTE NOW to bring your artistic vision to fruition?

  • When Rita Had A Christmas Tree: New Zealand Painting
    Inspired by Rita Angus' 'Tree' painting this is a contemporary Christmas version by Collette Fergus. Enquire now
  • Blend: New Zealand Art
    New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus is a prominent figure in Hamilton NZ's thriving art scene. In this captivating mixed media artwork titled "Blend"
  • Oranges: New Zealand Surrealism Artwork
    "Oranges" is a captivating mixed media surrealism artwork from the not-a-still-life series by NZ artist Collette Fergus. Purchase this piece directly from the artist
  • Marguerite: New Zealand Wall Art
    Looking for abstract New Zealand Wall art? Check out this stunning floral mixed-media painting by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette
  • Two Wars: New Zealand Wall Art
    The power of Picasso's Guernica combined with the pandemic is Two Wars, a New Zealand art work from contemporary artist Collette Fergus.
  • The Girl in the Emerald Green Dress: Dark Art
    Dark Art by a New Zealand contemporary artist at its finest. Delve into the mysterious world of "The Girl in the Emerald Green Dress,"
  • Size Zero: Dark NZ Art
    "Size Zero" is a thought-provoking mixed media dark artwork by a New Zealand contemporary artist, exploring body image issues and the dangers of diet pills.
  • Unsquared: New Zealand Wall Art
    Abstract New Zealand wall art with Collette's stunning beach-themed mixed-media painting. Own a piece of Kiwi coastal paradise.
  • Kiwi As!: New Zealand Flip Flops Painting:
    Kiwi As! is a small textural mixed media original NZ art work by Collette a contemporary New Zealand artist
  • That 80's Cocktail Bar: Abstract Art
    Step into the dynamic and vibrant ambience of 1980s cocktail bars with this mesmerising New Zealand abstract art piece by Collette Fergus, an nz contemporary artist.
  • Idealism of Green Bottles: NZ Art
    Discover a stunning New Zealand abstract artwork featuring green bottles. Contact us for more information or to buy

Delve further into Collette's diverse artistic repertoire by visiting the Sold Artworks page.

Alternatively have a look at different styles in the other Galleries too for realism and other unique contemporary artwork by Collette 

Discover additional examples encompassing various styles, including pieces similar to those showcased in this gallery. Whether you're seeking art for your home or workplace, draw inspiration from both galleries to guide your vision. 

With this inspiration in mind, you can commission a custom-designed piece that perfectly aligns with your unique preferences and requirements. Let your imagination soar and bring your artistic aspirations to life with a bespoke creation by Contemporary New Zealand artist Collette.