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The Banshee: Ghost Dress Painting

The Banshee: Ghost Dress Painting

'The Banshee,' an ethereal vintage lace dress from the Ghost Dress series, draws inspiration from a spine-chilling encounter that Collette experienced while visiting the enigmatic Waitomo Caves Hotel, several years ago,

Collette found herself amid a ghostly episode within the historic confines of this intriguing hotel. Constructed in the 1820s, the Waitomo Caves Hotel holds the dubious distinction of being recognised as one of the top ten most haunted places in New Zealand. Legend has it that the hotel sits atop a portal to otherworldly realms, amplifying its reputation for supernatural occurrences.

Collette, a distinguished New Zealand Contemporary Artist based in Waikato, channels the eerie atmosphere of the Waitomo Caves Hotel into 'The Banshee.' This piece measures 300mm x 150mm. It is a striking example of mixed media on canvas, featuring a captivating colour palette in teals and creams.

The artistic composition comes to life through the expert use of quality Golden paints, gels, and pastes, adding layers of texture and depth to the spectral garment.

This unique creation is available for purchase at Art on Tyne Gallery in Oamaru, New Zealand, for $150.00 NZD. 'The Banshee' captures the essence of Collette's haunting encounter at the Waitomo Caves Hotel and invites art enthusiasts to explore the mysterious and otherworldly through its evocative portrayal.

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