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Discover the captivating world of New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus

Step into my virtual art galleries and explore the diverse range of New Zealand contemporary artwork that I have created with a passion for portraying how I feel about life and my country.

From vibrant abstracts to serene landscapes, each artwork uniquely expresses my creativity and inspiration. But that's not all – I welcome commissions too so 

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And let's work together to create a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to your soul and brings you joy for years to come.

And don't worry about the 'BUY NOW' buttons - I prefer to work directly with my clients to find the most economical and reasonable deal for them. So come, immerse yourself in the beauty of art, and let's make something incredible together! I deliver work throughout the world.

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Collette - New Zealand Contemporary Artist

Collette Fergus is a contemporary New Zealand artist whose artwork explores themes of identity, memory, and connection. 

Through her unique artistic vision, Collette creates beautiful and thought-provoking pieces that reflect the essence of New Zealand's natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and diverse human experience. 

In her work, Collette blends various techniques and materials, from quality acrylic, watercolour and oil paints to mixed media, including things found in nature, auto glass and many artist's quality gels and mediums. Her artworks are characterised by bold, expressive brushstrokes, intricate details, and vivid colours that create a sense of depth and texture.

One of Collette's most notable works is her series of portraits of a character called Boozehag (aka Chardonnay Minx), which explores the complexities of identity and self-expression in a cartoon-type character. Many of these pieces have been commissioned by people wishing to capture the subtle nuances of human emotion and personality that is unique to them, inviting the viewer to reflect on their own experiences and connections to the world around them in a fun and informal way.

Another prominent theme in Collette's work is the natural world, which she depicts with striking abstraction. Her New Zealand abstract paintings capture the diversity of the different people and cultures of the country and often involve elements of New Zealand's unique landscape.

Through her artwork, Collette Fergus invites us to step into a world of inspiration and beauty, where we can explore the rich tapestry of human experience and the natural wonders surrounding us. Her captivating creations are a testament to the power of art to inspire, provoke, and connect us to something greater than ourselves.

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