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Paintings by Collette

Welcome to my virtual art gallery. What inspires me to create these pieces? It's a passion for portraying how I feel about life, which you will see is quite diverse. 

Please check out the various pages for all my artworks

Commissions welcome. Why is this? Because I like to create that extra special piece that you havent been able to find anywhere else. Work with me to get that artwork that makes your heart sing and brings you many years of pleasure. 

No 'BUY NOW' buttons because I want to work with you to get the most economical way and the most reasonable deal to get your painting to you. This does differ incredibly, so I ask that instead you CONTACT US so we can discuss what's feasible. There is no commitment or emails galore, you just deal with me directly. In some instances the artwork you might be after could be in a gallery and I refer you to them to purchase directly.

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