Its a Kids Life Gallery

It's a Kids Life Gallery

Do you still have that treasured toy from your childhood? Probably not right? Did it fall to bits from being over-loved, chewed by the dog or thrown out by an overzealous parent? Keep your memories alive by having a portrait created of your loved teddy or doll. I can recreate them from photographs or similar toys that we can find images of and your memories of their war wounds or colours. 

Here you will find a selection of my recent toys or kid focused artworks available for purchase. But if you want your own bespoke painting of your treasured toy or your kids toy then please also check out the SOLD ARTWORKS page for sold works. There you can see other pieces I have painted

If you are interested in creating your own original personalised artwork, please get in touch


  • Lipstick Girl
    Don't you just love how their first experiments with makeup are so messy. Most of us have memories of getting into Mum's makeup or know a child who has done just this. A unique portrait to commemorate the occasion. Oh so messy and how proud they look when they show you! Lipstick Girl is about childhood makeup trials and tribulations! 600mm x 600mm acrylic on canvas ready to hang $970.00NZD
  • Big Ted
    There's something about old teddy bears especially much loved ones like this. Original 1950s teddy bear in all his pre-loved glory, frayed feet and wonky he's had too many cuddles. Mixed media textured artwork measuring 710mm x 560mm x 40mm
    $770.00 NZD
  • The Mouse with the funny Felt Whiskers
    A small artwork measuring 200mm x 150mm of a funny little cotton toy mouse found abandoned. Its chunky felt whiskers stood out as so out of place. This artwork comes with the original toy as well.
    $120.00 NZD

If you would like to see more of what I can do in this style and others, you can check out my Sold Artworks page.