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It's a Kid's Life | Collette NZ Artist

Preserve your beloved childhood memories with a custom portrait of your cherished toy. Collette can recreate it from photos or similar toys even if it's been lost, chewed, or discarded. Browse through her collection of toy and kid-themed art available for purchase, and check out the SOLD ARTWORKS page for more examples of her artwork. It's a kid's life.

For a one-of-a-kind piece that captures the essence of your special toy, contact Collette to commission a personalised painting.


  • Lipstick Girl: New Zealand Art
    Capture the joy of childhood makeup adventures with "Lipstick Girl" a unique and beautiful portrait by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette
  • Big Ted: New Zealand Art
    Original New Zealand art work of a 1950s teddy bear in all his pre-loved glory, frayed feet and wonky face. Mixed media painting for sale
  • The Mouse with the Funny Felt Whiskers: NZ Art
    Bring home the whimsy and wonder of childhood with this charming and heartwarming NZ art work by NZ artist Collette. Original toy comes with the artwork

If you would like to see more of what I can do in this style and others, you can check out my Contemporary Artworks page.