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About Collette

Two Wars using picassos guernica and covid combined to create one artwork by new zealand contemporary artist Collette


Meet Collette - New Zealand Contemporary Artist

Due to Collette Renee Fergus's long artistic heritage, it was almost inevitable that she would be interested in art. She began painting when she was young. Learning from family members and neighbourhood artists. The skill and knowledge they possessed delighted her. 

At 11, she sold her first artwork, a watercolour of Mount Taranaki/Egmont, New Zealand. At 16, she took night school classes in oil painting. The subject matter was still mostly New Zealand scenery. She exhibited often, and then at 17, the now Waikato-based artist had her first solo exhibition in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Early on, Collette developed a distinct style independent of formal training or the artistic methods of others. Her success can be attributed to her distinctive style. Among her influences are Picasso, Dali, and Kandinsky.

Collette has worked in acrylics since the early 1990s. Attracted by their rapid drying characteristics and the ability to incorporate texture. Nowadays, her art is more surrealistic in concept. She likes to use bright, vibrant colours for anything that sparks her imagination.

However, the importance of texture remains paramount. Collette uses anything from pumice and black sand to artist-quality ingredients. Known for her modern, contemporary artwork, she  has two distinct styles: 

Abstract & Surrealist

Collette's artwork includes serious, abstract, and surrealist pieces. She also has a contemporary cartoon range featuring her famous character, Boozehag, who was recently rebranded as Ms Chardonnay Minx. This glamorous girl is all about enjoying the finer things in life and having fun rather than just being about wine.

Collette is also a sought-after New Zealand commission artist who can accurately interpret clients' wishes. Her artworks are held in a variety of collections around the world. These include Britain, Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada, and Spain. Putting her heart and soul into her art, Collette finds it extremely rewarding. She finds it most satisfying to convey emotions and feelings through visual communication and is humbled by the feedback received on her work.

New Zealand contemporary artist Collette Fergus

Hi I'm Collette

I've been creating artwork for many years and would love to help you discover your own unique piece by creating something specifically for you.

Take a look at my Artwork Galleries or contact me to discuss commissioning something else you might have in mind

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Galleries that represent ColletteGalleries that represent Collette 

Exhibitions List for Collette Fergus 

Take a look at an impressive compilation of solo and group exhibitions showcasing the extraordinary talent of Collette Fergus, a prominent Contemporary New Zealand artist. Embark on a captivating journey through her vast body of work, where each exhibition unravels a unique narrative and showcases Fergus's exceptional artistic prowess. 

By immersing yourself in this extraordinary artist's diverse and thought-provoking world, you can witness her craft's evolution in a multitude of awe-inspiring exhibitions. This is the captivating universe of Collette Fergus, where you can experience the sheer brilliance of her artistic expressions through an extensive display of exhibitions that redefine the boundaries of contemporary art in New Zealand.

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