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Contemporary New Zealand Artist Collette Fergus


Two Wars version of Picasso Guernica by Collette Fergus
Multicultural Land abstract NZ artwork by Collette Fergus

Is your office, lounge or boardroom tired, dull and boring?  
Does it need some spicing up with original, new and exciting artwork to look at?   
Do you need to entice your clients and friends with a conversation piece to help with those 'what to say next' moments?  
Or how about impressing others with a stylish new backdrop for your online meetings

Looking for original paintings for sale in New Zealand?
You have come to the right place.
Collette Fergus New Zealand contemporary artist

Collette Fergus Artist

Hi, I'm a contemporary New Zealand artist based in Waikato, offering unique original paintings for sale in NZ. I specialise in New Zealand art, particularly mixed media or multi-medium abstract art, and unique pet portraits. 

Talk to me today about an artwork created just for you.


Collette is a passionate and diverse New Zealand contemporary artist based in Hamilton in the mighty Waikato, offering original paintings for sale in NZ. Her art is a vibrant reflection of the beauty and uniqueness of New Zealand.

With a focus on mixed media multi-medium art, including acrylics, she meticulously crafts each piece using top-quality Schminke and Golden paints and mediums, along with items gathered from nature, to bring her creative visions to life.

Collette's artistic passion extends to painting unique pet portraits. With a distinctive vision and a personal touch, she captures the essence of your beloved fur babies on canvas. She warmly welcomes commissions for these heartfelt and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Whether you're considering adding an artistic touch to your home or business, Collette would be honoured to collaborate with you in creating the perfect piece of original NZ art to enhance your space and evoke emotions through paintings.Collette's goal is not only to provide beautiful NZ artwork but also to share the joy and essence of New Zealand's diverse beauty through her creative expressions. Feel free to have a no-obligation chat with Collette now.

Last Game round soccer ball painting by NZ artist Collette Fergus

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blue flip flop jandal footwear on beach artwork by Collette Fergus nz artist

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Size Zero artwork of skeleton taking diet pills by Collette Fergus an NZ artist

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Unsquared an abstract square nz painting with beach theme by NZ artist Collette Fergus

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nz pet portrait of a maine koon cat by nz pet portrait artist Collette Fergus

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NZ Pop art painting of Frida Kahlo by Collette Fergus a New Zealand Contemporary Artist

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NZ Pet Portrait of a King Charles Spaniel with a crown on by nz pet portrait artist Collette Fergus

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Winners Ball round painting of a cricket ball by NZ artist Collette Fergus

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Check Out My NZ Art Blog: ReCOLLections

Discover the insightful musings of New Zealand artist Collette Renee Fergus on a variety of art-related topics. Drawing from her extensive experience as an artist, art tutor, and mentor, Collette provides practical advice on art related matters like selecting and cleaning art brushes, organising art exhibitions, exploring artists' mixed media and multi medium products, along with mastering various techniques and styles. 

There's information on art commissions, for both artists and buyers and advice on buying nz artwork plus much more. Whether you're an art buyer, a beginner artist or an experienced one, Collette's art blog offers valuable information to artists and art lovers of all levels. Explore it now for a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!


Explore the enchanting artwork of Collette through the positive feedback given by happy customers who have purchased Collette's nz paintings. Let their words inspire and reassure you that Collette is the artist of choice for those seeking to buy unforgettable New Zealand art.


I have been a collector of Collette’s art for many years including several from her Pet Portraits range and the 100 Dresses series. Some of the pieces were commissioned, and some purchased straight from the gallery wall. 

The large Pet Portrait has been an instant talking point for all my visitors since I first hung it. Her technique is exemplary and the minute attention to detail to capture my pet Edelweiss’ characteristics and personality was incredible. Collette is wonderful to deal with, and her art remains a firm favourite of mine.

Y Milroy - Waikato NZ * * * * *

I have four pieces of Collette's art, and I love them to bits. Coll brings bright colours and detail, which I like as they make me feel happy and they are fun, just like Coll. 

Coll listens to what I want, and the small details and personal touch she puts in are just beautiful like Coll.

R Davison - Wairarapa NZ  * * * * *

We were drawn to the versatility of Collette's talent and have acquired many different works ranging from her abstract mixed media pieces, Boozehag range, and even some of her charming mini canvases specifically created for children's bedrooms.

Throughout our journey, we have been consistently impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to creating exceptional art. Her ability to capture the essence of a subject and infuse it with her unique artistic voice is truly remarkable. We have always felt a genuine connection with her creations as if they were tailor-made for us.

Collette is a pleasure to deal with, and I'm sure you're bound to find a stunning creation to grace your walls. 

A Wilkinson - Waikato NZ  * * * * *

Coll's art exudes vibrant colours and intricate details that bring my space an immense sense of joy. Each piece reflects Collette's personality—fun, lively, and full of life. 

What sets Collette apart is her ability to listen to her client's desires, incorporating those small personalised touches that make her art truly beautiful. 

It's those little details that truly resonate with me. Owning Collette's art has brought endless happiness to my life, and I am constantly reminded of her exceptional talent and the genuine care she puts into each creation.

D Wilson - United States  * * * * *