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New Zealand artist Collette Renee Fergus Her work is quirky, diverse and fresh with an underlying message in each piece. Although a lot of her recent work is in watercolour her main body of work is mixed media and acrylics; she uses high quality archival Golden acrylic paints and mediums. If you're looking for fresh original artwork for sale, then check out the Artworks Galleries

 Artworks Galleries

         Collette Renee Fergus

The Amazing Frida

Theres something special about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, an icon in herself.

So this is Frida Kahlo in my pop art style 500mm x 500mm stretched canvas ready to hang

Avalible for purchase from Art on Tyne Gallery Oamaru $795.00 NZD

The Winners Ball

A contemporary look at a Cricket Ball. Mixed media artwork using high quality Golden acrylic paints, gels and mediums on a convex round canvas. Ready to hang with a flat to the wall hanger and signed on the back. Measuring 508mm wide and 25mm deep. Collette Renee Fergus New Zealand Contemporary Artist POA

Size Zero

From the 100 Dresses Exhibition, Size Zero is a social statement on bullying, A mixed media artwork thats about taking diet pills and the misguided belief size zero is the perfect goal. Measuring 1080mm x 1080mm stretched canvas, ready to hang. $1700.00 NZD

Mixed media painting of jandals on a beach

Kiwi As!

Jandals are a kiwi thing. Green jandals at the beach in this small mixed media piece Featuring artist quality paints gels and pastes along with glass. 250mm x 250mm

Part of a series titled Glassination where auto glass is incorporated in the artwork

Available for purchase from Art on Tyne Gallery, Oamaru New Zealand

Painting of a cartoon woman with spray cans titled The Tagger by Collette Fergus

The Tagger

Boozehag is a character created by Collette that has a huge following both in NZ and internationally.

Mixed media acrylic featuring the amazing Miss Minx as a street artist. A challenging piece that has depth and character. 

900mm x 600mm

Available for purchase from Art on Tyne Gallery, Oamaru New Zealand

small realist painting of a silver goblet and apples

Apple Martini

A contemporary still life silver goblet with gala apples 250mm x 250mm 

Available for purchase from Art on Tyne Gallery, Oamaru New Zealand

ReCOLLections Art Blog

ReCOLLections is Collette Fergus' musing on art related subjects both from her own experiences as an artist, art tutor and art mentor, packed with advice like how to choose art brushes and clean them through to running your own exhibitions, what are artists mediums, different art styles and techniques and much much more. Check it out here -


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