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Looking for Contemporary art made in New Zealand

With her diverse styles and techniques, including contemporary realism. Collette is the perfect choice for creating modern art that truly reflects your vision. To discuss your ideas, or to purchase something from this gallery, contact her today

Have a look at the SOLD ARTWORKS GALLERY for more of Collette's unique artwork 

  • The Last Game - Soccer Football
    Stunning round textured painting by Collette Renee Fergus captures the beauty of vintage sports equipment. A 3D statement piece for soccer/football fans.
  • The Winners Ball - Cricket Ball Painting
    Unique 3D look cricket-inspired round painting by Collette Fergus. Mixed-media textured piece measuring 508mm wide and 25mm deep. Buy now
  • Apple Martini: Still Life NZ Art
    Still-Life featuring a silver goblet with fresh gala apples, by New Zealand contemporary artist Collette
  • Retro Phone: Mini NZ Art
    Fall in love with vintage charm! This delightful painting of a 1940s-style telephone is part of the 'Retro Mini' series. Measuring just 100mm x 100mm x 30mm

For more examples of Collette's work in various styles, including the ones showcased here, take a look at the other artwork galleries and head over to Collette's sold artworks page for inspiration if you plan to commission your own unique contemporary artwork by Collette.

Contemporary Art Explained

What do we know about contemporary art? Here's a little explanation -

The elusive nature of contemporary art makes it so confounding to describe. It is a topic that has no universal definition, leaving many scratching their heads as they try to grasp the essence of this enigmatic art form. Yet, at its core, contemporary art is about capturing the heart of the present moment - a feat that is as elusive as it's perplexing. 

It is about capturing the very spirit of our time, exploring the most pertinent issues and ideas of our day, and pushing the limits of what is considered art. 

Diversity makes contemporary art even more perplexing. We see artists working in contemporary art employ a wide array of mediums and techniques, including anything from traditional painting and sculpture to video installations and performance art. Due to this wide-ranging approach, it can be incredibly challenging to determine what contemporary art actually "looks like." For example, it is common for contemporary art to be abstract and non-representational, while at the other end, it may be incredibly realistic and detailed. 

But despite its ever-shifting forms, contemporary artists often include features with recurring themes and motifs. For example, focusing on social and political issues of the day is one of its hallmarks. In addition, it is common for contemporary artists to use their work as a platform to speak out about and explore topics such as race, gender, sexuality, and environmentalism, often using provocative or subversive imagery. 

Another defining characteristic of contemporary art is its spirit of experimentation and innovation. Contemporary artists are known for their boldness in exploring novel ideas and pushing the boundaries of what art can be. This spirit of risk-taking can lead to some truly groundbreaking and boundary-pushing work; on the other hand, it can also mean that some contemporary art is challenging to comprehend. Yet, despite its complexity and diversity, engaging with contemporary art can be incredibly rewarding in many ways. 

Whether you are an art enthusiast or an occasional observer, contemporary art can offer a window into the issues and ideas shaping our world today. In addition, the constant evolution of this art form means there is always something new and thrilling to discover in contemporary art.