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Without Light Nothing Flowers: Abstract Floral Art

Without Light Nothing Flowers: Abstract Floral Art

"Without Light, Nothing Flowers" is an extraordinary textural round painting that uses the beauty of flowers to symbolise the universal human desire for happiness and fulfilment.

In this awe-inspiring abstract artwork, the artist skillfully weaves together the enchanting beauty of nature with the depths of human emotion. The captivating fusion of teals, blues, and creams on the large round Pro panel board, measuring 800mm x 800mm, creates a mesmerising tapestry of mixed-media flowers representing the delicate balance between light and prosperity.

Diving deeper into the metaphor, "Without Light, Nothing Flowers", reveals the inherent truth that just as flowers require light to bloom and flourish, people too need happiness to prosper. 

The interplay of the colour Teal, gold and blue colours along with textures from artist-quality gels and pastes, auto glass and gold leaf, within the artwork reminds us of the transformative power of joy in our lives, fueling growth, creativity, and fulfilment.

The adornment and elegant touches of gold leaf and shimmering auto glass accents, radiate luminous energy, symbolising the potential within each individual when happiness illuminates their path.

While "Without Light, Nothing Flowers" by NZ Artist Collette, has found its forver home, but you also have the opportunity to commission a bespoke abstract floral artwork that embodies the same enchanting allure and profound metaphorical significance that sets Collette apart as an artist.

Envision a bespoke artwork that captures the essence of beauty, intertwining vibrant colours and profound metaphors. Get in touch with Collette today to begin the journey of commissioning a work that will mesmerise your senses, ignite your imagination, and become a treasured part of your art collection.

Waht Are Pro-Panels?

Pro-Panels, also known as Pro-Panel 3D Art Boards, are a type of art panel commonly used by artists and creatives for various art projects. The design of these boards provides a sturdy and reliable surface for creating three-dimensional artwork.
Typically, Pro-Panels are made from a rigid material such as high-density fiberboard (HDF) or plywood, which ensures stability and prevents warping. As a result, they are known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy applications of materials such as paint, collage elements, and mixed media.

These art boards are often pre-primed with gesso. This white paint-like substance allows artists to work directly on the surface without additional preparation. In addition, the gesso layer creates a smooth and uniform ground, providing a suitable foundation for different artistic techniques.

Pro-Panels are available in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing artists to choose the appropriate dimensions for their specific needs. Some boards may have cradled edges, which means they are framed with wood or other materials to add structural support and give a finished look to the artwork.

Artists working with Pro-Panels can use various mediums, including acrylics, oils, watercolours, pastels, and more. In addition, the rigid surface of these boards helps prevent any unwanted flex or bending, providing artists with a stable working platform for their creative endeavours.

Overall, Pro-Panels offer artists a reliable and versatile substrate for their three-dimensional artworks, enabling them to explore different techniques and materials while ensuring the longevity and stability of their creations.

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