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Miss Understood: NZ Art

Miss Understood: NZ Art

Meet 'Miss Understood,' a hilariously tipsy Boozehag, teetering out of her champagne flute in this playful rendition! From the lively world of Chardonnay Minx, crafted by the whimsical genius Collette Fergus. Inspired by laughter and libations in Hamilton, where the artist resides.

Boozehag, also known as Chardonnay Minx, emerges as a charismatic, cartoon-like character, embodying the spirit of wine-swilling joyfulness. Dive into this playful series, where wine and fun entwine, inviting you to revel in Collette's artistic delight.

This particuar piece has gone to its forver home but you too can own a bit of crazy New Zealand art nostagia in the Boozehag series by commissionnig your own unique piece.

While you're here take a look at some of over a hundred personally commissioned artworks in the Sold Artowork gallery (Last two pages), each a unique gem in this vibrant collection.

Ready for a self-expression journey? Add a personalised Chardonnay Minx piece to your collection—crafted just for you by Collette. Get ready to embark on the unforgettable!

Boozehag's Hilarious Hangover Cures:

  1. Guzzle a glass of pickle juice – because if it works for pickles, it works for you!
  2. Perform the 'Wobbly Leg Dance' – laughter is the best medicine.
  3. Wear sunglasses indoors – because you're just that fabulous.
  4. Convince yourself you're a morning person – delusion is the key!
  5. Plan your next hangover – preemptive strikes, darling!

Cheers to the whimsical world of Boozehag, where even hangovers come with a splash of laughter!

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