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Boozehag Art: Yes Im Precious

Boozehag Art: Yes Im Precious

What's not to like about the captivating allure of "Chardonnay Minx," the vibrant persona behind the intriguing Boozehag series

With a touch of irreverent charm, Chardonnay Minx embodies the essence of boldness and uninhibited spirit. In this particular artwork, she takes on the role of Princess Polly, seamlessly intertwining elegance with her love for wine.

Presented on an oval stretched canvas, the artwork boasts black and white checkered sides, adding a touch of fun to its visual impact. Each brushstroke and detail bring Chardonnay Minx's character to life, inviting you to immerse yourself in her whimsical world. Don't forget to check out "You Call me Priness like its a Bad Thing, " another piece in the collection.

To acquire this unique piece for your collection, talk to the Art on Tyne Gallery team in Oamaru, New Zealand. Reach out to them today by phone at 027 644 5462 or email at artontyne@gmail.com. Let this captivating masterpiece, infused with the essence of Boozehag's Chardonnay Minx, grace your space and ignite conversations.

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