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Is that it? Pet Portrait

Is that it? Pet Portrait

Interested in getting your own unique pet portrait from an NZ artist?

This cat was a creation of several including my own three cats. Its mystical qualities show in the finished effect. As cats do it still waits for more food but more like a petulant child, it simply wasnt enough. 

'Dogs eat. Cats dine.'

You too can have your cherished pet and beloved elements combined into one breathtaking painting—an experience that awaits you with a unique pet portrait.

I can incorporate additional elements to transform your pet portrait into an exceptional piece. Working with acrylic on canvas, the artwork's dimensions here are 460mm x 460mm, but you can choose any size you wish, ensuring a visually striking presence.

Are you eager to immortalise your beloved pet in a distinctive manner? With my expertise, I can add unique features and eliminate unwanted elements, creating a pet portrait that embodies the true essence of your furry companion and holds an even stronger memory for you.

Time is of the essence as I am often occupied with commissions, so I encourage you to contact me now. Let's discuss your ideas and embark on crafting a bespoke pet portrait that will forever celebrate the bond between you and your cherished pet. As a pet portrait artist based in New Zealand, I am dedicated to creating captivating and personalised artworks that beautifully capture the essence of your beloved pets.

Visit the enchanting world of pet portraits by Collette, a renowned artist from New Zealand.

You too can commission a unique pet portrait in NZ today, ask me how.

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