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The Old Girl: Pet Portrait

The Old Girl: Pet Portrait

Interested in getting your own unique pet portrait from an NZ artist?

Allow me to introduce you to my first ever cat, a grumpy old girl who was part of my life for 13 years. Everytime I look at this painting it brings back happy memories of my precious fur baby and I want that for you too.

She's sadly no longer with me but I have her pet portrait to keep her fresh in my mind and treasured forever.

You too can have your cherished pet and beloved elements combined into one breathtaking painting—an experience that awaits you with a unique pet portrait.

I can incorporate additional elements to transform your pet portrait into an exceptional piece or focus on their unique personality like I have here.

Working with acrylic on canvas, the artwork's dimensions here are 300mm x 400mm, but you can choose any size you wish, ensuring a visually striking presence.

Are you eager to immortalise your beloved pet in a distinctive manner? With my expertise, I can add unique features and eliminate unwanted elements, creating a pet portrait that embodies the true essence of your furry companion and holds an even stronger memory for you.

Time is of the essence as I am often occupied with commissions, so I encourage you to contact me now. Let's discuss your ideas and embark on crafting a bespoke pet portrait that will forever celebrate the bond between you and your cherished pet. As a pet portrait artist based in New Zealand, I am dedicated to creating captivating and personalised artworks that beautifully capture the essence of your beloved pets.

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You too can commission a unique pet portrait in NZ today, ask me how.

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