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Cocktail Party: Abstract Art

Cocktail Party: Abstract Art

Step into the vibrant world of the mid-1980s, where the allure of cocktail bars, brightly coloured bottles, and dazzling lights filled the air. "Cocktail Party" is an abstract that pays homage to those unforgettable partying years of excitement and festivity—created by New Zealand artist Collette Fergus, using a mix of media, predominantly acrylics, and accentuated with metallic silver touches.

The dynamic composition captures the essence of a lively cocktail bar, where pulsating beats, laughter, and clinking glasses harmonise to create an atmosphere of celebration. With its bold brushstrokes and a riot of vibrant colours, "Cocktail Party" evokes the enthusiasm and energy that characterised those unforgettable nights. The metallic silver accents add a touch of shimmering elegance reminiscent of the glistening lights bouncing off the dazzling bottles on the bar counter.

This particular artwork has found its new home, sold to an art enthusiast who recognised its unique charm. However, if you desire to bring the spirit of the "Cocktail Party" into your space, then talk to Collette now about getting a bespoke artwork of your own! You have the opportunity to commission another captivating piece inspired by this series.

By commissioning custom artwork, you can relish those cherished memories' nostalgia and bask in the refreshing ambience that the "Cocktail Party" collection encapsulates. Whether you wish to recreate the same vibrant palette or explore new dimensions within the theme, your commissioned artwork will be crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of your artistic vision.

To embark on a commission of your very own artwork like "Cocktail Party", don't hesitate to get in touch with Collette. Together, we will explore the possibilities and bring your artistic vision to life.

Cheers to reviving the vibrance of the '80s and capturing the essence of those unforgettable cocktail party memories in a bespoke masterpiece! Heres another piece by Collette - Miss Dina Thirst

boozehag cartoon character by Collette Fergus sitting in glass of red wine drinking through a straw

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