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Multicultural Land: New Zealand Art

Multicultural Land: New Zealand Art

 "Multicultural Land," a magnificent mixed media abstract art painting that celebrates the rich diversity of cultures in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

At a whopping 1500mm x 450mm, this canvas is a true masterpiece, created with a blend of top-quality paints, pastes, and gels. You'll be awestruck by its glossy, resinous textures, dry, crackled effects, silver leaf, and micaceous paint that adds a gritty texture with a sparkling finish.

Adding a touch of nature to the painting, Collette has incorporated leaves, seeds, twigs, and other elements that create a sense of rawness and authenticity. What's more? This artwork was crafted explicitly for the visually impaired to enjoy and appreciate, highlighting the inclusivity at the heart of New Zealand's cultural tapestry.

This painting has found its forever home in the Netherlands, but if you want to experience the beauty of artwork like Multicultural Land, please get in touch. Discover more about Collette, a contemporary New Zealand artist, or commission your own unique painting.

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