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Shaolin: Dress Painting

Shaolin: Dress Painting

Introducing the 'Shaolin Dress' from the captivating 100 Dresses collection by NZ artist Collette Fergus. This exquisite piece is a fishtail evening gown adorned with a graceful side frill and a singular sleeve detail. It has been intricately crafted to emulate the allure of a mermaid's silhouette with a Chinese cheongsam influence. Rendered in the medium of Schmincke watercolour paints on fine paper, the artwork measures 210 x 297 mm.

In this creation, the delicate strokes and nuanced hues bring to life the elegance and fluidity of the garment. The artist skillfully captures the essence of enchantment, evoking a sense of mystery and allure. Using watercolour paints adds an ethereal quality, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

This artwork, available for acquisition at $40 NZD unframed, invites admirers to see into the NZ artist's interpretation of timeless beauty and mythical inspiration. A mesmerizing addition to any collection, this dress painting offers a glimpse into the artist's creative prowess, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the subtle details that make it truly unique.

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