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Those Red Jandals: New Zealand Flip Flops Art

Those Red Jandals: New Zealand Flip Flops Art

Imagine reliving those wonderful beach moments when you effortlessly slip off your jandals or flip flops and feel the soft sand beneath your feet. With artwork by Collette a New Zealand contemporary artist gracing your walls, you can transport yourself back to those idyllic days whenever you desire.
Small yet mesmerising, this mixed-media artwork is an original creation created in the idyll coastal country of New Zealand where flip Flops are a thing!.

Although this one is sold, you can find other similar pieces in the Flip Flops Jandals collection that are available for sale in the Contemporary Artworks Gallery. Or why not order your own New Zealand Art commissioned version?
Artist-quality Golden paints, gels, and pastes, were expertly used and combined with auto glass to bring this piece to life.

Measureing 250mm x 250mm its small but impactful and is beautifully presented on a stretched canvas, ready to be hung in your favourite space.
Whether you consider yourself an art connoisseur or simply a seaside enthusiast, "Those Red Jandals" is a New Zealand flip flops artwork that will capture your heart.
Contact us today to enquire about your own version of this stunning piece or to obtain more information.

Why not, take a look at the world of Collette Renee Fergus's artwork and embrace the beauty of beach memories forever.

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