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When Rita Had A Christmas Tree: New Zealand Painting

When Rita Had A Christmas Tree: New Zealand Painting

'When Rita had a Christmas Tree' is a captivating homage to the renowned New Zealand female artist Rita Angus and her profound influence on Collette's creative expression. The inspiration for this artwork struck during a visit to the Dunedin City Art Gallery, where Collette was enthralled by an exhibition showcasing Rita's masterpieces.

The original painting by Rita Angus (who you can read more about here.) is a mesmerising watercolour capturing the essence of a tree in her backyard, laid the foundation for Collette's mixed media art example reinterpretation.

Collette skillfully drew inspiration from Rita's work, emphasising the stark beauty of the tree's skeletal structure set against the picturesque New Zealand landscape. The colour palette mirrors that of Rita's, creating a seamless connection between the two artistic visions.

Executed with precision and finesse, 'When Rita Had a Christmas Tree' comes to life through the use of high-quality golden acrylic paint, complemented by a mixed-media finish. The deliberate crackle effect within the artwork accentuates the portrayal of scorched earth, adding a layer of depth and intensity. The Christmas baubles adorning the tree branches are a delightful touch, finished with a glimmering coat of glitter, evoking a festive atmosphere.

Yes You Can Purchase It

Despite its modest dimensions of 250mm x 200mm, this unique artwork possesses a powerful allure. Available for purchase at $270 NZD, 'When Rita had a Christmas Tree' not only pays homage to Rita Angus's artistic legacy but also stands as a testament to Collette's ability to capture and reinterpret the beauty she encountered at the Dunedin City Art Gallery. Talk to us now if you would like to purchase this painting.

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